Building an On-Demand Cloud Lab

This time last week, I was in Palo Alto, California for the VMUG leader summit, which was great.  Prior to the summit I submitted an entry into a new VMUG program called SPARK.

To participate in SPARK a leader was asked to submit two power point slides outlining an idea for a way to provide value back to the VMUG community. Additionally we were asked to submit a video that would be played back at the summit which would be played back before all leaders present voted for the favorite submission. The Indianapolis VMUG submission was an On-Demand Cloud lab built on VMware Cloud on AWS.

It was a tight race, but I’m proud to say that Indianapolis VMUG won the first VMUG SPARK contest and will receive $5000 funding to help make this idea a reality.

Here’s the point of the post though. I can’t do this alone, and in fact I don’t want to. I want to involve the community to make it as great as it can be. I want to hear other’s ideas as to how we can create an infrastructure that can be spun up quickly and easily and help other VMUG members learn new skills.

We will be holding our initial planning calls after the new year at whatever date/time works for the best for the most participants. If you would like participate please reach out to me via Twitter. My DMs are wide open and all are welcome. We can make a great platform for everyone to learn on if we work together!