How to Create a DellEMC XC CORE Solution With the Dell Solutions Configurator

Nutanix and DellEMC announced a new way to purchase a Nutanix solution on Dell hardware this week in the form of Dell XC CORE. Customers can purchase hardware delivered to give a turnkey Nutanix experience and still purchase software separately preventing a license from being tied to a specific appliance.

For Nutanix partner resellers there has been a bit of confusion regarding how we can configure and quote the XC CORE nodes for customers seeking these options. After a little bit of searching I have completed a couple of these configurations for my customers.

It looks like some partners have different versions of the Dell configurator with some allowing them to select some options at the time of solution creation. The version I have access to does not so I had to dig a bit to find where I could configure XC CORE nodes.

New Solution

After creating a new solution, I navigated down to the available Dell XC nodes that were previously available to me.


By selecting a Dell XC node that was listed in the XC Core datasheet and expanding the first item, “XC640ENT” in my case, I found a new option. Dell EMC XC640ENT XC CORE.


The rest of the configuration was as familiar as any Nutanix configuration and I was able to complete the solution according to the sizing data I had already configured.

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