News from Nutanix .NEXT 2018

Nutanix is holding their annual .NEXT conference in New Orleans this year and have made several new announcements and enhancements to their platform. I will be highlighting some of my favorites


Flow is the name of the Nutanix Software Defined Networking (SDN) offering. As of version 5.6 Nutanix had the capability to perform MicroSegmentation of workloads. With release of Flow, Nutanix will be extending their SDN capabilities to include network visibility, network automation and service chaining.


Flow is available for customers using the Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV). There will be no additional software to install. Many of the SDN enhancements coming to AHV are a result of the recent Nutanix acquisition of Netsil.


If you are in New Orleans for .NEXT this week there are a few sessions/labs that will be a great opportunity to learn more about SDN in Acropolis.



Era is Nutanix’ first foray into PaaS and is a Database management solution. Using ERA, Nutanix customers will have the ability to manage their databases natively on their Nutanix clusters.


ERA’s Time Machine feature will allow customers to stream their Database to their Nutanix cluster and clone or restore to any point in time up to the most recent transaction.


The first release of ERA will support Oracle and PostgreSQL databases.


Long term, the ERA of vision aligns well with the overall Nutanix philosophy of giving customers choice. Having the ability to manage a DB of a customer’s choice and in the cloud of their choice is the reality that Nutanix is aiming for with ERA.



Beam is the result of the Nutanix acquisition of Botmetric. Beam is targeted at enabling customers to have visibility and control of cost across multiple clouds. In the first release Beam will support Nutanix Private clouds as well as AWS and Azure, with GCP support coming in a future release.

Nutanix Beam Botmetric

Nutanix Beam NTC

Nutanix Beam Cost Optimization

Its clear with the announcements by Nutanix at .NEXT 2018 that hybrid or multi cloud strategies are the goal of Nutanix and their platform. Giving customers the freedom and choice and the ability to provide the right services in place to enable their business to succeed in the 21st century.

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